Finally movement on the shed

This weekend I got back to working on the shed after a two month hiatus. Things went pretty well and I have a skeleton up and three of the five roof rafters. If the rain holds off tomorrow I’ll get the last two rafters up and maybe even some tin if I am motivated.
Most of the wood for this project is from the shed that I tore down this spring and scraps laying around the house. I had to buy two two 2x8x8, one 4×6 treated lumber for the floor, and the cedar siding but I just trimmed the 2×4’s down and reused them and the tin from the old roof. I have a few holes up there that will need to be plugged to keep the rain out.

I completed the roof tonight, I need to trim a few pieces of tin and some of the wood. Some of the recycled wood is very shall we say curvy?

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