NSLU2 and WView for weather

Yesterday I got Debian running on the NSLU2 it was slow but thats the only drawback so far.
Today I used wget and got a copy of wview to gather the data from my Lacrosse weather station. Its been running the install script for about two hours now, so its also slow to add programs and then run a compile but it is working. I did my test setup on an Ubuntu server at work that I was running some maintenance on and it took a few minutes. I guess a little CPU and some memory do make a big difference.
Three and a half hours to build the simulator. Its done all I need to do now is setup FTP to the public web server and oh yeah, actually find the weather station and hook it up so there is real data. Right now the data doesn’t match my location but some of the graphics do.

The public weather page.
The internal management page.

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